Alyssa Alhadeff #playforAlyssa Scholarship

Congratulations to Raquel Alvarado for being Awarded the The Alyssa Alhadeff #playforAlyssa Scholarship

Lori Alhadeff generously offered to the PSC 2003 Parkland Girls a unique opportunity to remember and honor Alyssa Alhadeff by inviting the girls to apply for The Alyssa Alhadeff #playforAlyssa Scholarship. 

Alyssa Alhadeff, a Freshman at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, lost her life on February 14, 2018. A senseless victim of the tragic high school shooting, Alyssa had led a life full of academic excellence, athletic prowess, and community service. Strong in the classroom and on the soccer field, she was able to shine a bright light on all those in her presence.  

The Alyssa Alhadeff #playforAlyssa Scholarship was created to honor the memory of Alyssa and all for which she stood. The candidate in question should not only exhibit academic and athletic strength, but also exemplify effective communication and leadership among his or her peers and the community.  Alyssa's future had once been bright and full of promise. The recipient of this scholarship must possess and embody all that was found in Alyssa Alhadeff...academic fortitude, athletic rigor, and a spirited and influential character.  

The scholarship award is intended to help defray the costs of travel soccer, and can be used to offset club dues, tournament entry fees and related travel expenses. This is a merit-based scholarship which means that financial need is not considered.

The girls all submitted a short essay demonstrating their character, academic and athletic strengths that align with those possessed by Alyssa, and described why they consider yourself to be the most deserving person to receive this award.

Essay’s didn’t contain a name, and were submitted in a manner so that Lori could not determine whose essay is whose. Applying for this scholarship was optional, but all of the girls submitted application.      

At training, Lori announced the winner of the scholarship just after the team won the Weston Cup where she was given the trophy in Honor of Alyssa.  

Raquel’s writes, “I want to make sure Alyssa’s legacy continues live.  To do so, I will use part of the scholarship to create a big sister program at PSC.  My goal is to create and lead a program to show younger players what living for Alyssa is really about.” 

Raquel, co-captain of the 2003 girls team, shared similarities with Alyssa.  She adds, “we both worked hard in school, we worked hard to do well on top of any other work we had to do, like attend practice or go to school.  Every “A”, every championship won, I do it as a way to continue Alyssa’s legacy.”