Club Videos

The purpose of these videos is to help instruct proper technique for skills we want all PSC players to learn and master. For our younger age groups, Ball Mastery is one of the primary focuses for it enables a player to compete at the highest levels of the game. 

  • Repetition - is a must in order to master anything. Exercises such as juggling and fast footwork should be done daily. The goal in juggling is numbers and for ballwork it is technique and speed.
  • Set Goals - Have long term and short term (daily) goals of what you want to achieve for each skill. Be realistic and work to conquer each goal.
  • Quality not Quantity - Many assume you need to spend hours practicing, but being focused and working for a shorter time is more beneficial.
  • Vary your Workout - Changing the skill or amount of time spent for each activity helps keep things interesting.
  • Record what you do - How much did you juggle on day 1? Day 2? You can look back and see your progress.
  • Challenge your teammates (friends) - Competition always makes things fun.













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