Directors Update December 18, 2017

We would like to wish our players and families a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!  


Thank you to our sponsor, Parkland Realty Group, for sponsoring all of the pizzas for the PSC Holiday Party! 

All the players and parents had a great time!  

Meet our Board! 

From left: Doug Cole: President; Alfredo Alvarado: Vice President; Daniel Del Agulia TLC Chairman; missing from the picture are David Balaban and Keith Brodsky.

PSC Players with Outstanding Achievements

Tarik Campbell (pictured right)#8 2003 midfielder and freshman at American Heritage High School recently achieved a 98th percentile score on the 2017 Preliminary Scohlastic Achevemey Test (PSAT). Tarik is now among the top 2% of all PSAT scores in the USA.  Tarik was also awarded a full academic scholarship to American Heritage, and in addition to playing for Parkalnd SC, is also a cello player with the Camerata de Magnalena orchestra.




Caleb Makovsky is a rookie with the U12 boys red team. Even though he is new, that does not mean that Caleb is one to shy away from a challenge. In addition to being an effective forward who has scored in almost every game he has played, Caleb decided to give a try to theater this year at West glades Middle School. Not only did he get a lead in their future production of Lion King, but he also participated in the Junior Thespians Competition receiving an Excellent rating from the judges on his performances. 

Congratulations to the following players that made the Florida Olympic Development Program training pool into the next round.  

Mikhail Keise: 2005 Boys Red

Matthew Caceres:  2005 Boys Red

Ethan Schumaker: 2004 Boys Red

Liam Oulette:  2004 Boys Red

Juan Diaz:  2004 Boys Red

Adam Begovic:  2003 Boys Red

Julian Davidson:  2003 Boys Red

Kyra Tuesta: 2005 Boys Red



U12 Teams Give to Charity for the Holidays! 

During the month of December the boys and girls of the U12 Red teams had an opportunity to give back to the community participating in a charitable program.  Jenn Campanella from the U12 girls red, brought to the teams’ attention an organization called HOPE South Florida. HOPE South Florida is a non-profit organization, operating since 1995, that has provided crisis and rapid re-housing assistance, and support services to thousands of homeless families, veterans and individuals. Parents and players could not wait to get involved and  got gifts for kids in their programs. If you want to learn more about this program you can visit them @


Organized by Team Manager, Tracy Lanson, the PSC 2003 Girls took time while at the Nov. 23-26 Disney Showcase to join the volunteer team at the Orlando Rescue Mission where they served meals and spent time with children during the holiday season! This is an amazing group of girls!


Parent Engagement Meeting: Thank you all to who attended our Parent Engagement Meetings.  We discussed the curriculum, player movement, level of play, Defining Player Development; club values and expectations.  We will keep everyone updated on future meetings. We also learned about how to build confidence, character, competence, and connection.   We want to thank our parents for helping to shape our culture.  Your feedback, discussions, and understanding are helping us to create a club culture in which we have core values, fundamental teaching principles, and long-term development over short term games. We believe that parents are a true assets to our club and we will continue to inform, educate, and apply what we learn. 

Coach of the Month: Ronald Ruiz:  Coach Ronald demonstrates hard work all the time.  Ronald is always the first coach to volunteer to help the club with everything, whether it’s equipment, speed & agility set up; staying later to support other teams besides his own and other players.  Keep up the great work, Ronald, it doesn’t go unnoticed and is always appreciated! 


PSC Common Values Create Long Term Success

The PSC “Core Values” describe the mindset of PSC players as it is reflected in their expectations for themselves and their teammates, the relationships between players, and the shared attitudes that characterize players in the club.

1. Unselfishness:  We Unconditionally Support Each Other-Our actions show that, first and foremost, we care for each other as human beings.

2. Leadership: We Display Individual Leadership- We are not afraid to express our thoughts and beliefs, to share and chase our dreams, and to take risks in doing so.

3. Commitment:  Our Commitment Is Our Foundation for Success-  Our commitment to each other’s success and the team’s success will overcome any obstacle.

4. Improvement:  We Do Something Every Day To Improve Ourselves or Our Team-  Whether it be an extra sprint in team fitness, training when no one is watching, providing encouragement to teammates, or making positive life choices, we will do something every day to improve ourselves as soccer players and people.

5. Hard Work & Toughness:  We Work Harder Than Any Team in the Country-Our everyday training environment will be as physically competitive and as mentally demanding as our most challenging games.

6. Accountability:  We Are Accountable For Our Actions- We accept responsibility for own actions and hold each other accountable for our choices. 

7. Unity:  Together all things are possible, when your teammmates are down, bear each other's burdens; conversely celebrate your teammate's success.

8. Initiative: Seek out advice and aspire to be the best. 

9. Respect:  Respect everyone. Respect the opponent, the rules, your colleagues, your superiors and subordinates.  Be thoughtful and considerate.

10. Passion:  Passion always trusts, always hopes and always preserves.  Passion never fails.

Together, the Performance Indicators and the Core Values provide the foundation for long-term success for players and teams, and are the key ingredients in developing and maintaining a high performance culture.

Winter Camps

Soccer Academy & Training will be offering 2-Weeks of ADVANCED Skills & Shooting Camp from Dec. 26-29, 2017 and Jan. 2-5, 2018 from 9:00 am - 11:00 at Pine Trails Park. Pre-Register on-line at


2007 Boys Monster Mini-Golf Team Fundraiser! 

Upcoming Tournaments!

Wellington: January 12-15, 2017: 2006 Boys Red; 2006 Girls Red; 2004 Boys; and 2008 Girls Red

Weston Cup: February 17-19, 2018

Player Evaluations:  All players will receive their written evaluation by the end of this week.  Please don’t hesitate to ask your coach for your son/daughters evaluation.

Holiday Break is December 25 - January 5

The last week of training before holiday break will be World Cup; Champions League; and Street Soccer.  

Goalkeeping Training with Coach JR 

PSC Speed, Agility & Skills Training:

PSC Holiday Party Pictures!!!!