November 12 Directors Update

PSC Team Manager Appreciation!

On behalf of the Parkland Soccer Club, we would like to thank all of our team managers for volunteering their time to help with game scheduling, rosters, tournament check-in, collecting fees, daily communication, and always being there for our teams! 

You are appreciated! 

Tournament Success!

Congratulations to the teams that participated in the Soccer Skills Unlimited Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament:2005 Girls: Champions
2007 Girls: Finalists
2008 Girls White: Finalists

2009 Boys White: Finalists
2008 Boys Red: Champions
2007 Boys White: Finalists
2006 Boys Red: Semi-Finalists


2008 Girls White Finalists!  2005 Girls Red Champions!  2008 Boys Red Champions!  



Congratulations to the following Girls who were invited to the US National Training Center in November.  

Bailey Swiggens- 2003    Grace Keane- 2005      Cailey Katz- 2004   

Kyra Tuesta- 2006


Congratulations to Adam Begovic U15 (read team) who has  worked and demonstrated athletic passion, tactical and technical skills of elite quality within the game of soccer. His academic and athletic achievement has been identified and therefore selected by GFL Soccer Enterprises, LLC to represent a US Elite Soccer Team in Munich, Germany November 17th through November 28th 2017. Adam has opportunity to train with Bundesliga Youth Academies such as FC Bayern Munich & TSV 1860 Munich.









DeRosario Visits PSC 2005 Boys Red Team

Four-time MLS Cup champion Dwayne De Rosario's visits the 2005 Boys Red Team! 



Coach Crisitain, Florida Gulf Coast University Mens Soccer Allumni, brings his 2005 Boys White Team for a College Visit! 


Video Analysis with Coach Luis!

This month the 2006 red boys (pictured left) and girls had their first experience at reviewing game video of the boys performance.  The 2 hour session allowed for boys and girls to have a good debate about the actions taken and the decisions made during the different games.  Players also saw videos highlighting the importance of scanning the field with and without the ball to locate space, support and pressure. We expect to continue these meaningful discussions during the season.  The Club wants to that William DaPalma for his great work at filming the games which allows us to have these learning opportunities.






Team Fundraiser! Thank you to the 2003 Boys Red; 2004 Boys; 2007 Boys Red and the 2003 Girls team for participating in the Chipotle Fundraiser.  50% of the earnings on went towards these teams! Pictured below: Coach Dumel and players from the 2007 Boys team enjoying their dinner! 






Florida National Premier League (NPL) Success

The 2004 Boys and the 2005 Boys Red teams have been climbing the ladder in the Florida NPL.  The 2004 Boys are in sixth place out of 12 and had a great weekend last week defeating West Florida Flames 3-1.  The 2005 Boys Red Team has climbed to second out of 14 teams throughout the state and 23 goals scored in 7 games.  Parkland Soccer Club hosts the next NPL game on January 20th at 2:00 pm (2004) and 4:00 pm (2005) so be sure to come and support the boys!   

Nov- Dec 2017 Schedule at a Glance!
Nov. 13: Speed/ Agility Techical Training

Nov. 19: College Night

Nov. 22: No Training Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 23-26: Girls 2003 Disney Showcase

Dec. 4: Parent Engagement Meeting

Dec. 5: Speed/ Agility Techical Training

Dec. 11: PSC Club Holiday Party and Training Starts at Pine Trails Park

Dec. 25- Jan. 6: Holiday Break No Training 

Speed / Agility & Technical Training Schedule:  Click here for your teams schedule!

  • Monday, November 13
  • Tuesday, December 5

College Seminar Night: Sunday, November 19

Coach Munga Eketebi will be presenting “College Night” to the PSC Boys and Girls 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 on November 19.  Coach Munga will discuss programs and the recruiting process with our club members. It will be an excellent presentation and very informative.  We encourage all players and parents to attend. The location and time will be announced soon.

Upcoming Parent Engagement Meeting!  These meetings are to inform educate our parents on various soccer topics.  Please join us on December 4th at Terramar Park concession area.  Bring a chair as seating is limited. 

U9-U12 at 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
U13 & Up at 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm


Save The Date for our PSC Third Annual Holiday Party!  December 11th at Pine Trails Park...age group times TBA.

We are excited to announce that one of our sponsors, Parkland Realty, has offered to fund this years holiday party so each team will get pizza!  Managers will be working with their teams on drinks, snacks and deserts that families can also bring!   

Training Location Update REMINDER!:  Training and Games will be moved to Pine Trails Park on December 11, 2017 and will remain there until the end of May 2018.


Holiday Break- December 25 to January 5


Upcoming Tournaments: 

  • Disney Showcase: 2003 Girls November 23-26, 2017
  • Weston Cup & Showcase February 17-18, 2018: ALL teams

South Florida United Soccer League "REGULAR" Season Schedules are posted on-line. Click here for more information.


Continued Coaches Education:  Good Luck to the coaches that are enrolled in their upcoming coaches education courses:

  • Laurie Thomas- 2003 Girls & 2005 Girls
    • United States Soccer Federation (USSF) 'A' License
  • Cristian Raudales-2005 Boys White & 2008 Girls White  
    • USSF 'D' License
  • Roger Thomas- Technical Director & 2005 Boys Red 
    • United Soccer Coaches National Coaches Convention
  • Luis Valente- 2006 Boys Red & 2006 Girls Red
    • United Soccer Coaches Advanced National License

Parent Education:

Parkland DNA Fundamentals


In possession

  • We look to dominate possession and play with a purpose
  • We want players who are comfortable on the ball and make good decisions
  • We create scoring opportunities off set pieces


Out of possession

  • Where possible we look to press and win the ball back quickly
  • We have tactical ability to defend deep when required
  • We are organize and resolute at set pieces



  • We react instinctively when we loose possession
  • Counter attacks is our is our immediate thought when we regain possession
  • We keep a defensive “lock down” when attacking using players 1,4,5,6
  • We look to exploit attacking situations when defending set pieces


How we coach

  • The player is the center of everything we do
  • We work on the basis that players “can” do rather than ‘can't” do
  • We look holistically at youth development and need players to be resilient, resourceful and reflective individuals who are willing and able to take control of their development rather than rely on others.
  • Quick passing, fast and clever combinations, effective possession, smart pressing principles, and quality individual skills and finishing are our brilliant basics.
  • On the grass the ball will be rolling 70% of the time
  • Practices will be directional, opposed and where possible include goalkeepers

The Tool we use

  • Arrival activities (pre-warm up games)
  • Repitious circuts
  • Small Group Games (Rondo)
  • Zonal Games
  • Attack vs Defense (Functional Training)


The Future PSC player

  • An excellent player and an outstanding person
  • He or she will be committed,, control his or her emotions, is confident, plays with creativity, can concentrate and can communicate with his teammates and others 
  • He is an asset to those around him, putting others first, representing himself and his team with excellence in the wider community


How we support

  • Players take responsibility for their own learning
  • Individual learning plan
  • Video support
  • Time on the grass
  • Support across the four corners of long-term player development technical/tactical/physical/ psychological/social


How we review

  • The opponent’s strengths and weaknesses mainly for future references
  • Log on playing time and player positions
  • What we did well: relating to our brilliant basics
  • What we need to improve once again relating to how we play
  • Standout individual performances, good and bad link to individual performance
  • It is important to link matches to training both collectively and individually
  • Game reports are written at the end of the game covering the 5 areas. 

Below are some of things we may focus on for each phase:


  • Beating a defender e.g with a touch(s) or without
  • Receiving skills e.g number& quality of touches
  • Ball manipulation skills e.g play out of tight situations
  • Movement off the ball e.g to receive, defend, or get into position
  • Combination play e.g wall passing,takeovers, round the corner passes


  • Change the direction to find gaps
  • When to play quickly
  • When to pass through/over/around defenders
  • Possession to progress e.g playing forward
  • When to pressurize & when to drop off


Back Third: 

  • Play out/over/through/are around
  • Defending set plays
  • Goalkeeping(various)
  • Defending in and around the penalty area
  • Counter attacking from deep

Middle Third:

  • Get into the “pocket”
  • Defending
  • Creating overloads
  • Counter attacking
  • Playing between the lines and through opponents

Attacking Third:

  • Attacking set plays
  • Patient attacks
  • Calm finishing
  • Press or drop
  • Playing ‘pocket’ (combination play)


If you have any issues with your coach, team and/or DOC, please do not allow them to persist.  My email address and the email address of each Director of Coaching are listed on the website. If you wish to speak in person, please contact us through the office at 754-368-7138.

Thanks and good luck this season!

Roger Thomas, Director

Uniforms: All players should have ordered new PSC red, white and navy jerseys, shorts and socks. Please wear all navy to training.  Look your best on and off the field by wearing your PSC Spirit Wear.  Visit our on-line store at to get your gears!  These are fan favorites!


Sponsors:  Thank you to our PSC Club sponsors. Dave & Busters and Parkland Realty.