Age Group Policy

Age Group Policy
Parents who want their player to be considered for playing in an older age group must submit their request by completing the play up application form and submitting it to the Director of Soccer Operations prior to tryouts. Players will not be allowed to try out for an older travel age group without Director of Soccer Operation’s and coaches approval. The decision for a player to “play up” is re-evaluated each year. If the Director of Soccer Operations determines that the player’s development is best served by returning to their natural age group they will be required to do so.

The Director of Soccer Operations will not approve a player to be selected for a team in an older age group, unless one of the following criteria is met:
1.    The player attends school in the grade most closely aligned with the next higher age group, i.e. U9-3rd grade, U10-4th grade, U11-5th grade, etc. and has demonstrated the ability to be successful at the next higher age group.
2.    The Director of Soccer Operations, and the coaches agree that the player’s soccer development needs would be better met by allowing the player to “play up”.
3.    There are no roster spots available in the player’s natural age group and the player has demonstrated the ability to be successful in a higher age group. 
4.    The player will benefit from playing in the older age group and receive significant playing time.

Other Important Considerations:
•    In some instances, the Director of Soccer Operations may determine that it is in the best interest of the player, team, and club to remain in their age group because a top tier team in their age group could be better that the team in the older age group.
•    Once a player is registered for an older age group, Florida Youth Soccer Association guidelines will not allow that player to “play down” for that season.  For example, if a U10 player is registered as a U11 player, they will not be allowed to participate in their true age group for that season.  The Director of Soccer Operations may deem that this in not in the players best interest because it does not allow flexibility in player movement.  However, if a player registers for U10, they could play U11 if the Director of Soccer Operations deems appropriate for the player.