Club Fees, Payments, Refunds

Club fees

  • Parents will receive a current year fee schedule on the Player Agreement.

  • Hiring high-quality coaches, while PSC strives to make club dues as affordable as possible, club soccer is a serious financial commitment. Club fees pay for staff compensation for approximately two-three training sessions per week (except for approximately six weeks per year of club breaks, three months for high school season (U15 and above), and staff personal time off), games, and off-hours planning; approximately 80 - 90 training sessions; about 20 -25 league games; player and team registration expenses with league and state assocuation.

  • Club fees do not include:

    • the team fees discussed in the “teams” section

    • travel costs to and from games, tournaments, and other events

    • required uniform and other equipment costs

    • optional warmups and backpacks.

We expend a lot of effort keeping our fees as low as we can. We are a non-profit organization and need volunteers, donations, and sponsorships.


  • Parents may

    • pay in full

    • pay over time using automatic credit card payments and the schedule on the registration website

    • be on a personalized payment plan if approved by the Director of Soccer Operations and TLC. A promissory note may be required as part of the approval.

  • Failure to pay club fees on time will result in the suspension of the player from training and games as described in "Consequences of Violating Club Policies" above.

  • PSC (bounced) checks will incur a $25 fee and must be paid within seven days.

Refunds of club fees

  • Refunds of club fees are issued in only three cases:

  1. no team

    • If a team does not have the minimum number of players required for league play by July 31, the club will make every effort to place the players on other teams in the club. If it is unable to do so, it will refund fees on a prorated basis.

  2. Season-ending injury

    • If a player suffers an injury that requires a rehabilitation period of six months or longer, club fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.

    • A note from a medical doctor (MD) may be required.

  3. player permanently moves out of the area

  • club fees may be refunded on a pro-rated basis if the player permanently moves outside Florida or broward area. 

  • The club may require evidence, such as a report card from their new school, to support this.