Expectations For Players

Make soccer your #1 priority – outside of family and school – during the soccer year. If this is not possible or it is apparent to your coach that this is not the case, it may affect playing time.

    • Make yourself a better player

    • Focus on soccer during training and games

    • Do not miss training. You can not miss practice, or practice poorly, and expect to improve

    • Listen to your coach's constructive criticism and use it to make yourself a better player.

    • Be mature enough to get proper rest before games, and eat well always.

    • Know the rules of the game

  • Respect your coach's and your teammates' time

    • When you are given a time for training or warmups, that is when you are expected to be on the field, dressed and equipped, and ready to go.

    • Contact your coach at earliest possible time if you will be late / absent from training, game, or other team activity.

  • Be prepared

    • Training: players are expected to train in club training shirts and bring a ball and water to every training session

    • Games: you should have all necessary game items in your bag, which will stay in the technical area during games. This includes uniform(s), water or sports drinks, and sun block.

  • Stay with your team during training and games

    • Remain with your coach and team from the start of warmups until released by the coach after the game or practice. This includes half-time. Do not visit your parents, friends, family, or pets. If you are subbed during a game, remain in the technical area with the coach – the coach may need to make a quick substitution or an important coaching point.

    • If there is an important need to leave the area, you should ask the coach for permission. 

    • If you are in between games, you should assume that the coach wants the team to stay together unless he or she tells you that you are free to do what you want.

  • Represent your team and club positively

    • Have a positive and supportive attitude within the team, regardless of playing time or position. Put the team ahead of yourself.

    • Demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play in your words and actions. Keep your emotions under control and do not treat opponents, referees, or anyone else disrespectfully. 

    • Excessive red cards will be grounds for disciplinary action.

  • Help the club and the community

    • Leave the field and sidelines cleaner that you found it at all practices and games. That means that you clean up after yourself, your team, and, if necessary, other teams.

  • Social Media: Players are advised that publishing comments or opinions about the PSC, other competitive clubs, officials, or fellow members in any social media forum is not endorsed by the club, and could potentially lead to the expulsion of member/s if the breach is considered significant.

  • Disregarding the above may result in discipline by the coach. Serious or recurring problems will be referred to the Director of Soccer Operations.

Playing as a guest player on another team

  • Within the club: players may be asked by other PSC teams to be a guest player at a league game or tournament. Coaches normally check with each other before asking the player, but the player or parents should still confirm with their own coach that this is OK and doesn’t create any problems for the player’s “home” team.

  • Outside the club: If you are asked to be a guest player by a team at another club for non-league play such as a tournament, you may do so. Your coach or manager may not hold back your card or FYSA OR US CLUB paperwork. However, the club strongly recommends that you discuss this with your coach before accepting the guesting offer.