Expectations from Parents

As a parent, you must commit to supporting your child's participation in team and club functions.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the rest of this document, especially:

    • the “Expectations For Players” section above – please be sure you and your child understand it. 

    • the “Communicating and Resolving Issues With Your Coach” section below.

    • the “Game Day Behavior By Players, Parents, and Spectators” section below.


  • The parent / guardian is responsible for arranging player transportation to and from training, games, and other team or club events.

  • During overnight trips, all team members may be required to stay at a designated hotel and eat meals as a team. Players' family members will always be invited to stay at the designated hotel and may be invited to join the team during team meals. Final decisions regarding team travel, including timing of arrival and departure to and from locations (hotels, restaurants, game fields, etc.) are the responsibility of the team manager or coach.

Volunteering and fundraising

  • Without fundraising and the efforts of team and club volunteers, the cost of club soccer would be significantly higher. While the club charges dues that primarily pay for coaching management, and coach compensation, there is a significant amount of unpaid work that keeps the club running. We expect all parents to help with club functions where possible. Some of our peer clubs require parents to volunteer a certain amount of hours and impose a $300 fee for parent non-participation. We hope to have an actively engagged group or players and parents so that we do not have to take such a step.  

  • Almost all teams in the club also run their own fundraising efforts in order to lower parents' out-of-pocket costs and to assist families who need financial assistance. You should expect this as part of your child’s participation in the club.


  • Contact your coach immediately (and copy your manager) if you are aware of an upcoming scheduling conflict that will prevent your child from attending a practice, game, or other team event. The coach should tell you the best way to do this (text, email, etc).

  • Please help your child maintain a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and rest

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules, especially offside and illegal contact. The Laws of the game are simple and can be found here.