Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy

PSC Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy

This policy establishes PSC guidelines for the collection of funds from club parents and outside sources. The club has identified three types of activities used by the club and teams to collect funds for various reasons.

Collection from Parents

Parents on individual teams may coordinate with other parents to collect funds for use by the team. Most often these collections are for specific purposes. For example, parents may come together to “chip in” a small amount each in order to buy a team tent. Because these types of collections do not use the club name or utilize club resources, PSC does not govern this type of collection. We do encourage parents wishing to organize or participate in a collection to consider the following guidelines.

  • Not all families have the same ability or willingness to pay. Competitive soccer is already a costly activity, please consider the request to collect funds carefully to ensure it is a critical team need. Wherever possible, try to have unanimous consent of parents before deciding to incur expenses.
  • The individual or individuals entrusted by the team for the collection will have sole responsibility for accounting of all funds.
  • Collections should be single purpose. For example, a collection should be used to pay for items—such as tents, bags, travel, and the like. It is against club policy for coaches to be involved with, direct, or manage “slush funds” or similar accounts.


When individual teams seek financial support from outside of the club, this is considered fundraising. Fundraising falls under the purview of the club as the PSC name, its logo, and mission are used to solicit funds. Fundraising examples include selling items—such as coupon books, candles, or candies. Fundraisers may also include services such as car washes. We encourage teams to raise funds for their team needs. When doing so the following policies must be followed.

  • All team fundraisers must be approved, in advance, by the Travel Leadership Committee (TLC). Requests should be submitted, in writing.
  • Because the TLC has financial responsibility for all club funds, the approval process is intended to give awareness of funds entering the club, ensure the safety of players, and ensure the club is associated with reputable organizations. The TLC will use its best judgment in approving a fundraiser. The committee will consider all pertinent factors such as appropriateness, safety, amount of time required by the player in its consideration. Most any standard school fundraiser is encouraged.
  • Funds should be raised for specific team purposes. For example, teams are encouraged to raise funds for tournament fees, travel fees, or the purchase of specific items. Team “slush funds” or team accounts are not allowed. The club has a responsibility to parents, and the City of Parkland per the city sports policy, to account for all funds. PSC uses standard accounting practices to account for all funds.
  • Team fundraising funds will be managed as follows
    • Collected funds will be placed on account with the club for the team that raised the money.
    • For tournament and travel fees, the amount raised by the team will be deducted from the tournament and/or travel budget. Those fees will be paid directly by the club from funds raised by the team.
    • For other items, whenever possible, the club will purchase the item for which the funds were earmarked.
    • The club is not staffed to operate multiple team accounts and make multiple purchases for individual teams, accounts. The intent of fundraising should be to cover fees or one time, large purchases.
  • Street collecting is strictly forbidden.
  • Any team funds unused at the end of the year will be added to the general PSC fund the following season.


Sponsorship occurs when a business is given promotional consideration in exchange for a donation to the club. All sponsorship will be managed at the club level. While teams are welcome to raise funds from businesses under the fundraising policy, individual teams are not authorized to offer to display business logos on any item. It is the intent of PSC that sponsors benefit the general fund of the club vs. individual teams. However, exceptions can be made with approval of the TLC.

All financial activities are governed by the TLC and Parkland Soccer Club Board. Any requests to raise funds, potential sponsors, or any other questions should be directed at current committee members.