Team Formation

The player evaluation, offer, and acceptance process works best when everyone involved is open, honest, and ethical in their behavior. The club's coaches are expected to adhere to these standards and we ask that parents act the same way.

Competitive Selection

  • Each team is re-selected every year.
  • Players are evaluated based on dimensions that may not be apparent to the bystander, including technical skill, tactical awareness, physical attributes, work rate, character, mentality, and fit within a particular age group or team. Evaluation is based on those factors only.
  • The club will initially place players on a team that is best suited to their performance based upon the evaluation factors above. Players may be moved from one team to another during the year based on what the age group coaches determine is best for the teams and the player.

Current Players

  • Current players are evaluated throughout the season during practices, scrimmages, and games. 
  • If a player does not intend to return to the club, he or she should inform the coach as soon as that decision has been made; To be fair, coaches will tell players as soon as they have made a decision not to ask a player back.

New Player Evaluation and Tryouts

  • New players are evaluated during annual tryouts, practices, scrimmages and under game situations.
  • Tryouts are held annually, at the end of May, and are open to all players who are eligible to play in the following fall's U8 - U18 age groups. Players will be evaluated by all the coaches with teams in a particular age group as well as the club Director of Soccer Operations.
  • Coaches may have one or more additional tryouts after the open tryouts to narrow down their selection.