Travel Player Commitment Letter

Dear Player,

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected to become a member of the Parkland Soccer Club Travel Program (the “Travel Program”) for the 2018-2019 season. This was a competitive process and you should be proud that the Parkland Soccer Club coaches have invited you to become a part of this prestigious program.

As a member of the Travel Program, you will play in leagues against other select teams from south Florida, and in tournaments against teams from all over the state, possible including the State of Florida Championship in your age division. You will practice on what we believe to be one of finest practice facilities in the Broward area under the supervision of a group of dedicated coaches and soccer professional. We look forward to having you become a part of a fine soccer tradition.

Your being a member of the Travel Program is an honor, but it also requires that you make a special commitment. If you have been playing soccer at the recreational level, little may have been required of you. If you decide to move up to the more competitive, select level of youth soccer, you will be expected to make certain commitments to your coaches, your team, the Club and to yourself.

At this level of competition, success and fun on the soccer field do not come without some extra effort. The will to win is not enough; you must also have the will to prepare to win. We are speaking of more than just the effort it takes to show up at the soccer field on the day of the game. We are talking now about the kind of effort that involves some hard work, some choices about the way in which you wish to spend your free time, and perhaps some sacrifices on your part. Before you accept this invitation to become part of the Parkland Soccer Club soccer program, consider carefully the following commitments, which each Travel Program team member must make.  If you are not willing to make this commitment, then perhaps you should not move beyond recreational soccer. If you are willing to make this commitment, then we believe that we can help you become a better soccer player and a contributing member of a competitive soccer program.

As coaches, we commit to you that we also will work hard to help you improve your skills, enhance your knowledge of the game, and make practices a worthwhile experience.  People very seldom are successful at anything unless they can have fun doing it. We will expect you to work hard, but we will make every effort to ensure that you also have fun.

We believe that many good soccer experiences lie ahead of you as a member of the Travel Program. To join us, we ask that you and your parent sign the Parkland Soccer Club Commitment to Excellence below and return it to us not later than the deadline date appearing on the registration form included with this letter. If we do not hear from you by this date, we cannot guarantee you that we will have an open slot on the team when the season begins. Your team coach will be in touch with you soon.


Roger Thomas, Director of Soccer Operations


Parkland Soccer Club Commitment to Excellence

As a Parkland Soccer Club Travel Program player, I understand that the difference between being ordinary and being extra-ordinary is a little extra effort. I understand that wanting to win on the day of the game is worth nothing unless I have the will to prepare to win before the day of the game. So that I might be the best player and team member that I am capable of becoming, I promise to do the following.

  • I promise to arrange my schedule so that I can come to practice regularly and on time, and to participate in scheduled games and tournaments.
  • I promise to work hard at practice to improve my soccer skills and my understanding of the game.
  • I promise that, at practice, I will give the coaches my full attention. When the coaches are talking, I will stop talking, keep my ears open, and my eyes on the coaches. I will not distract others during the practice session.
  • I promise to do whatever is asked of me on the soccer field, without complaining, for the good of the team.
  • I promise always to encourage, and never to criticize, my teammates.
  • I promise always to hustle, and never to quit, until the practice or the game is over.
  • I promise to come to each game, on time, well rested, and with an attitude that says -- "It may be difficult, but I believe that we can win."


As a Parkland Soccer Club parent, I pledge my support for my son/daughter in meeting this commitment.