May 2021 NEWsletter

May 2021

Message from the Director,

First and foremost I would like to give special thanks to ALL our hard working volunteers, (team managers, Covid-19 task force, coaching staff, and board members who have sacrificed time away from their families to assist with tasks needed to support our club though challenging And unforgettable C19 season. I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t say Thank you to all our players and families for your support and diligence with following PSC health & safety protocols for club activities ,in particular your flexibility adapting to our evolving health & safety protocols.  

We hope every member of PSC is seeing light at the end of the tunnel and hope to get back to more normality as we head into the summer months. 

I am very proud of who we are becoming and with everything we have put in on a weekly basis to prepare our players to succeed both on and off the field regardless of what challenges  and adversity we we face.We will continue to find and cultivate ways to keep the club strong, adaptable, and United.

Please take the time read through our updated newsletter with highlights on our upcoming tryouts, Coaches Slate, Season success, new opportunity for our Top girl players, Player and team Development hightlights and evidences, ETC.

For our Parkland soccer summer camps, Take advantage of some good options for summer skills training (Flyer below)

We appreciate your loyalty and commitment to PSC!

The Exceptional Athlete Series highlights players pursuing and achieving excellence both on and off the field.  Our goal is to celebrate and inspire our community as we honor our outstanding athletes and share their diverse achievements (ie scholastic, multi-sport, leadership, community service, etc.).  

Congratulations to , PSC’s Exceptional Athlete for November 2020 (pictured with Coach Cristian)


*PSC Family...If you would like to nominate an athlete to be featured in our monthly series, please email your entries


We are excited to announce the 2021/22 season Coaching Slate . We are looking forward to continuing our pathway and building soccer for all of the community
*note: coaches slate could be subject to change*

Pre-tryout Team Meetings

Pre-Tryout Team meetings will host opportunities for parents on PSC teams to gather important information regarding the club tryouts , and if any changes for the 2021-22 season. We strongly recommend attending your pre-tryout team meeting and check for times with coach and team manager

Birth Years 2014 through 2003


Soccer Tryouts – Stress for Players…and Parents!

Soccer Tryouts.

The time of year we sometimes find ourselves lying awake in bed at night stressing over the future of our young soccer player.

The time of year we find our hearts beating in our throats as we drop our kids off to a game or practice, trying not to put too much pressure on them to perform well but wanting to make sure they know that every single touch they have on the ball, or run they make off the ball, or communication they have with the coach – could have an impact on their name being on the final roster.

The time of year we, as parents, can so easily slip from level-headed and supportive parent to CRAZY SOCCER PARENT.

How can we become so irrational?

It is SO HARD to watch our children, so young and innocent, have to battle for a position on the team.

It is SO HARD – especially in our society today where EVERYONE’S A WINNER!– to allow our children to put their heart and body out there – AND POSSIBLY LOSE.

We do our best to keep our stress from our child. We don’t talk too much about the tryouts or soccer, we don’t ask too many questions about how training was, we don’t outwardly let our kids know what is going through our mind….BUT WE ARE GOING CRAZY INSIDE.

Literally, crazy.

Sleeping is hard….

Tears sometimes well up in our eyes at odd moments…(okay, this may be a bit dramatic).

We find ourselves obsessing about our child’s performance (in our head, mind you) every single time they touch the ball in a game.

What is happening? We are usually rather rational parents….Why are we doing this?


We don’t want them to have to go through the disappointment of not making a team and feeling excluded.

We don’t want them to suffer.


All of the crazy emotions are simply a result of our instinct to protect our children….In this case, from the pain of REAL COMPETITION.


In REAL COMPETITION - people win and lose.


In REAL LIFE – people win and lose.


So – with the hope of calming a few of you out there, with the aim of giving a couple of parents on the verge of becoming a CRAZY SOCCER PARENT a better night’s sleep - LET IT GO!


After all...

How many times have we reflected on the shift in our society to this "Everyone Wins" mentality?

How many times have we told our kids the story of:

In Field Day at my elementary school people won and lost. Individuals would win ribbons for each event and at the end of the day there would be an overall Champion Class and a Champion Boy and Champion Girl WINNER based on who had accumulated the most ribbons.


Or told the story of:


I had to play 4 seasons of Little League baseball before I ever won a trophy and I won it because we finally beat the Orange Crush in the championship game.


Or personally reflected on the value of the trophy our child proudly displayed on the dresser in their room because they had the distinct honor of FINISHING THE SEASON!


So here were are – right in the middle of the lesson we’ve been wanting to teach our children – the direct opposite lesson that the Finishing the Season trophy taught them…the lesson in REAL COMPETITION. 


But we must embrace this lesson in REAL COMPETITION for the long term, positive impact this process will ultimately have on our children.

Rest easy parents on the verge of becoming a CRAZY SOCCER PARENT and do everything you can to prepare you children for the competition:

    •            Tell them how proud you are of them for being willing to battle.

    •            Tell them you believe in them and support them always.

    •            Tell them that you will love them more than they can possibly understand regardless of if they make the team or not.

    •            Tell them that life is full of competition and that they are always going to have benchmarks and moments where they will be graded or evaluated so they need to be brave and confident and work hard.

    •            Tell them that even if they are scared or anxious that they should look the coaches in the eye and shake their hands and thank them for the opportunity.

    •            Tell them to simply have fun out there and love the game.

Isn’t that ultimately what we want out of all of this? For our children to walk away from their sports careers as individuals who:

    •            Are willing to work hard and battle in life,

    •            Are confident of their family support and love,

    •            Are able to deal with the stress of being evaluated in a work environment,

    •            Can look someone in the eye and shake their hand even when they are nervous,

    •            Will face the challenges of life each and every day with a positive attitude.

We always talk about the benefits of sports being the lessons sports teach us in life.

Well – here we are – front and center – TRY OUTS…a perfect lesson…

For parents and kids alike.

Club Calendar of Events

Club League Schedule and Calendar (Click here)

PSC Team Successes

ECRL League: A Huge congratulations to PSC elite Boys teams who was league in the ECRL championship with 4 age groups: 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2008 getting second place.

Recent Tournament Results:

Girls 2008 Sarasota Cup Champions

Girls 2008 Undefeated Season in League 2

Girls 2011 Miami Cup Champions 


These results are tremendous folks! I cannot be more proud of everyone in our club. We can always still improve but the strides we have made as a club over the last 3 season makes us one of the best clubs in south Florida and a destination club for top players and top coaches.

CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you my coaching staff.

Girls Academy League Opportunities:
Collaboration with Florida United to participate in the Girls Academy League
         -    Part time player with their club to play against/with top players, train                   with top coaches, and play in top leagues
         -    PSC player will only be responsible for player pass, and tournament                   fees

Inter Miami Community Cup (not included in cost of season)
Opportunity for boys u13-19 PSC teams
          -   Two-5 team brackets in each age division 
          -    One game per month against a division team
          -    Top 2 teams in each bracket play in semi-finals/finals at Inter Miami                    Training Facility 

Inter Miami Call Ups :

Congrats to  to the following PSC players from the  PSC 2007 boys who was call up to train with the inter Miami professional academy 2007 academy

 Our 07 boys players went to Train at the state of the heart facility with best players in south Florida .

Congratulations to the following players who was invited to train in PSC 5 boys 2007 who was invited at inter Miami 

Steve Achilles 

Bradley Chung 

Luca Brandon

Last season we also had several 08 players who joined the inter Miami professional academy.


If you have any issues with your coach, team and/or Director of Coaching, please do not allow them to persist. My email address and the email address of each coach are listed in TeamSnap and on the website. If you wish to speak in person, please contact us via email or phone to set up a time to meet.

Thanks and good luck this season!

Thank you to the Parkland Soccer Club COVID Leadership, Dr. Edward Chung; Dr. Renay Chung, and Dr. Zoyla Almeid, and Task Force Volunteers for helping keeping our PSC membership safe, informed and educated.    You will see our COVID Task Force wearing these shirts, so please feel free to ask questions and engage in helping to keep out players and families safe.

Resources on-line CLICK HERE. 
We would like to thank this seasons Parkland Soccer Club sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring the PSC, please contact Edward Chung.