Sponsorship Program

Your Business First

Many non-profit organizations are worthy of your support.  We also know your marketing must reach the right people and make an impression on them to be effective.  PSC offers you not only the ability to make a positive difference in your community, but also, a unique marketing vehicle to help your business thrive.

Business Challenges

Marketing and advertising have become more difficult; technology has made it easier than ever to bypass your message.  Yet, advertising still remains a large expense.  Choosing media becomes a balancing act between reach, how many people see your message, and frequency, how often are they exposed.  Your total exposure comes down to maximizing one or both of these components.

Why Sponsor Parkland Soccer Club?

PSC allows you to reach hundreds of families in the desirable Parkland, FL market with added exposure to many other adjacent South Florida communities.  But, uniquely, no other medium gives your business the type of frequency and exposure a PSC sponsorship offers. 

PSC families are engaged with the club nearly year-round. Every day, for 10 months out of the year, our families are wearing PSC practice or game uniforms, searching our website for information, or attending games and practices on our fields. Your name and message will be seen thousands of times and make a lasting impression. 

PSC Sponsorship Levels

Currently, PSC is looking for a title sponsor to join our club family for the 2020-2021 season.  While different sponsorship levels may become available later in the year, we are currently reserving space for a title sponsor so they can benefit from the most exposure.

Title Sponsor

Our club title sponsor is not just a name on a jersey.  We aim to integrate our title sponsor into everything we do.  Because of this, your brand will be seen as part of our club family.  With that comes the very positive recognition of your support to our club that not just builds awareness but creates loyal customers.  Whether your marketing goal is to show how your business supports the community or to create new customers, the PSC title sponsor will have one of the best positions available in the Parkland market.


  • Maximum exposure through daily frequency to desirable Parkland market
  • Estimated median household income $131,525 (2017)
  • Estimated over 10,000 impressions of your brand in one season
  • Strong loyalty to your brand through appreciation from club members for financial support of our club
  • Reduced cost vs. paying for individual features separately
  • Monthly cost lower than many other media


  • Your logo displayed prominently on the front of all game and practices uniforms for over 20 teams
  • Online presence on the PSC website including logo, links, and custom page with your marketing message to our members
  • Your logo prominently displayed on 4, 10’ x 10’ tents used frequently by club at events that draw over a thousand people and each game weekend with hundreds of spectators from all over South Florida each weekend
  • Collaboration with your marketing team to create sponsor/club events that are mutually beneficial and reinforce your message


  • Total cost averages $1500 per month with one year commitment
  • Compares favorably with other local media sources
  • Best value for maximizing frequency and brand loyalty
  • All funds will be used for the general operation of the club including coaches salaries, equipment, league fees.  PSC follows standard accounting practices and will disclose financial information to our title sponsor if desired.
  • PSC is a non-profit organization.   Consult a tax professional to see if your sponsorship may be tax deductible. 

Sponsorship Details:

Parkland Soccer Club serves over 250 boys and girls aged 7-16.  The 10 month program is for players aspiring to play soccer at a high level.  Participants compete in leagues and tournaments primarily in South Florida but also across the state.  Players are coached by professional, licensed coaches that serve committed families.

By the numbers:

  • 250+ players, each player has 3 uniforms.
  • Each player participates in approximately 120 practice sessions each 10 month season
  • Each player plays in approximately 50 games each season seen by hundreds of spectators
  • Nearly every weekend home games draw hundreds of local and visiting spectators to Parkland where your logo will be prominent on uniforms, tents, and signage.
  • Nearly every weekend PSC teams travel to local cities such as Boca Raton, Wellington, Coral Springs, Margate, Boyton Beach and more
  • Players wear uniforms before and after games and practices increasing exposure
  • Team success generates local media coverage which typically includes pictures of players in uniform