Travel Leadership Committee Update


Fellow Parents,


Please enjoy the first edition of the TLC Update.  This update is written by parents for parents.  Our Travel Leadership Committee (TLC) is a volunteer group of parents that oversee the club’s operations on behalf of all parents, participants and the City of Parkland.  We work with the club’s Managing Directors to set club budgets, adopt club policies and perform various other oversight responsibilities.

As a relatively new and growing club, one of our goals for this season is to improve club communications.  This TLC Update is part of that effort.  Here you will find information about club operations, including finances, that we trust you will find informative.  You will, of course, continue to receive director updates that focus on soccer and the development of our children. 



The TLC is comprised of 4 people who have children that have been a part of Parkland soccer for many years, on both the recreational and travel level: All of us are out at the practice fields regularly.  Our contact information is as follows:


Daniel Del Aguila  -

David Balaban -

Alfredo Alvarado -

Keith Brodsky -



It is the goal of our Managing Directors and the TLC to improve communications throughout the club.  This TLC update is just one tool in that process.   We are working on other improvements that you will see in the coming weeks.

  • Club Email - Consolidating email addresses so there is one “customer service” email address to use to reach the club directors.
  • Contact Us Link - Improved “contact us” functionality on our website so there is one location to remember for contact info.
  • Managing Director - Please feel free to set up an apointment to meet with our managing directors at the fields.  You will also be notified of set times that you will be able to speak with the Directors.
  • TLC “Office” Hours - TLC members will also be available at a specified time and place to discuss unresolved issues and club operations with you.  However, the club policy regarding soccer related questions and concerns remains in place.  That is, concerns should be addressed with the coach first.  If the issue is not resolved, Laurie and/or Roger Thomas should be made aware.  A TLC member will help facilitate a resolution if needed after both previous steps have been made.


We are pleased to report the financial health of the club is strong.  The approach of the TLC and our Managing Directors—Roger and Laurie Thomas—has been fiscally conservative.   We take our responsibility to manage club funds very seriously and run the club the same way a small business would operate.  Some of our financial procedures and controls include:


· A budget is prepared for each season by our Managing Directors and approved by our Board of Directors.  Regular meetings are held to review actual progress vs. the budget.


· All funds are accounted for using standard bookkeeping and accounting practices. 


· A TLC member and therefore parent must sign each check.


While it’s not possible to have policies for every contingency that may occur, the financial philosophy that guides our decision making includes the following.


· Treat club funds as if they were our own, because they are!  TLC members do not receive discounts or other consideration for their time.


· Make decisions that benefit the most number of people equally. 


· Avoid increases to registration fees for as long as possible.  Our registration fees remain generally the same for the third consecutive year.





Revenue Chart Expense Chart




Lori Alhadeff has three kids participating with PSC on three different teams.  In August, she took the initiative to start several fundraisers for those teams.  First, she took the time to coordinate the sale of local coupon books.  These books turned out to be a very popular item.  Some families sold out of their original allotment of books and came back for more.  Lori also organized a restaurant night at Chipotle where a percentage of the proceeds were donated to the teams.  Raising money was not the only motivation.  Lori stated, “I think it gives the athletes buy-in to try to help their parents, instead of everything to be just given to them. The lesson is that the athlete needs to help out too and earn it!” Funds are still being raised as of this writing, but Lori anticipates raising over $3,000 to defray travel and tournament expenses for these teams.